write aletter to the editor of the local newspaper telling him about unhygenic condition in your area after the rains.please tell the fotmat

Here is the format of formal letter to editor for your reference. This would help you write your required letter on the concerned subject.

Preeti Karn

B-32, Priya Colony

Mumbai -32

19th August’2013


The Editor

Weekly Mumbai

Darya Nagar,


Dear Sir,

Subject: Devastating after effects of Flood

The state of our city is very bad. Extreme rains have led to fatal floods all over the city. The per day rate of rainfall is rising day by day. Drains and sewage are floating everywhere. It is a torrent of abuse and thus, needs to be taken care of. People have been forced to leave their houses. The entire city is under the debris. Lack of food, electricity, etc. have led to dismantling of everyday lives. Contaminable diseases are spreading widely and even have led to loss of lives.

Hope this matter gains importance and is widely known through the esteemed column of your weekly.

I thank you in anticipation,

Preeti Karn

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