Write an article for your school magazine describing "A person who forgave me when I was in class 9..." (in about 500 words) (Apart from this, please also add on atleast 12-15 terminologies which can be used for the description in the article) (Please provide with experts answer, and not with any certified answer or web link ).

Dear Student,
Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task. Highlighted in the points are some terminologies or phrases you can use.
  • I remember the days when I was naughty and played pranks on others.
  • All my teachers and elders found it difficult to control my tantrums.
  • One day after school, I hid my friend Rohan's bag in the school canteen.
  • He searched for it everywhere but in vain.
  • But I forgot about this and went home.
  • Only after reaching home, I realised the gravity of the situation.
  • I told my mother about it and she scolded me.
  • The next day I apologised to Rohan and begged him for his forgiveness.
  • Initially he was angry with me but he offered me forgiveness.
  • It was a turning point in my life and I realised how I must behave myself.
  • (Continue based on your imagination)

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