Write an article in 150-200 words on how we can make India a carefree and
enjoyable place for women when they can go wherever they like to without any
fear of being stared at, molested or discriminated against. You are

- The society that respects its women is a truly progressive society.
- For years, women have been subjugated to exploitation and abuse.
- Domestic violence in the guise of saving the family name is common. Often girls are sacrificed by ‘khap panchayats’- there is no safety for such women even at home.

- Recently, crimes against women are on the rise.
- Be it eve-teasing, rape or murder, women of all ages are subject to these injustices.
- The gang rape of Nirbhaya in December, 2012 jolted India into realizing stricter laws need to be made to punish the guilty.

- Women need to learn self defence techniques and also to report any instance of eve-teasing.
- Gender sensitisation classes need to be held at school level.
- Parents must groom their boys to respect girls and treat them on par.


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