WRITE AN ARTICLE OF ABOUT 200 WORDS ABOUT THE SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES AND MEASURES TAKEN BY NORWAY........ ((^^^Pls give 200 word good points with key words to impress the examiner.... Pls understand this question is very important....^^^))

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This question is to be answered on your own as such questions are meant to enhance your writing skills. It is strongly recommended that you prepare the solution on your own. However, some pointers for discussion have been provided for your reference:
  1. Norway is the best country to live in for health, life expectancy, education and high incomes. 
  2. With its dramatic fjords and majestic mountain ranges, Norway is a top tourism destination.
  3. It was rated the best place to live and grow old, according to a global index measuring the quality of life of elderly people in 96 countries.
  4. It has a small but very strong economy.
  5. Per capita GDP is the highest in the world, boosted by success in the oil and gas sector and other top-class industries like shipping, shipbuilding and aquaculture. 
  6. It is planning to reduce non-communicable diseases and promote mental health.
  7. Also, increasing high-school completion rates.
  8. It aims eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.
  9. The Norway Government plans to -
  • Play a part in efforts to halt the degradation of global common goods.
  •  Play a part in efforts to continue the development of international rules for environmental and natural resource management, and strengthen their enforcement.
  •  Seek to ensure that there is a strong environmental pillar in a future governance structure for sustainable development, and to strengthen the leading role of the UN in international cooperation. The Government will make use of Norway’s chairmanship of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) to revitalise the Commission in its role as the world’s leading policy-making body for sustainable development and thus ensure that words are translated into action.
  • As part of international efforts to follow up the Johannesburg summit, play an active role in the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition. The coalition’s goal is to substantially increase the global share of renewable energy sources. The main focus will be on using tools that will ensure both greater energy efficiency and greater use of renewable forms of energy. Important elements include phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies, pricing energy to include environmental and health costs, training and the development of technology.
  •  Seek to strengthen the international agreements on pollution control and ensure that they are implemented. Norway will play a leading role in ensuring that the industrialised countries support efforts by developing countries to implement the global Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs Convention).
  •  Make sustainable development a central priority in Norway’s contributions to future EU member states in Eastern Europe.
  • Through bilateral and regional cooperation, support Russia’s efforts to deal with its environmental problems and assist the country to reach a stage where it is capable of dealing with these problems itself.
  • Take part in efforts to promote corporate social responsibility.
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