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There are hardly any territorial limitations or barriers in the modern world. Many people who are looking for pleasure outside of their native countries might now be permanently displaced to foreign countries thanks to globalisation. According to statistics, there are more mixed marriages every day. One of the best indicators of social integration, particularly for migrants, is marriage between persons from various backgrounds. "Intermarriage is an indicator of assimilation," it is said. People marry partners from other cultures for a variety of reasons, including love and the desire for money success.Exogamy that involves a union of spouses from various ethnic or racial groups is known as interethnic marriage.According to psychologists, interethnic marriages help society become more tolerant and capable of treating each woman and man who dates someone from a different country with understanding, which helps to enhance relations between nations and ethnic groups. Such families are responsible for the increasing discussion and resolution of interstate legal disputes as well as the expanding mutual interest in the history and culture of other peoples in their social lives. Psychologists are confident that it makes no difference whether it is a multinational union or a one-national union.
Only the man and woman in this family can ensure the health, harmony, and strength of the family. This depends on their capacity for forgiveness and forgetting wrongdoings, their tolerance and patience, their openness to new experiences, their respect, their warmth and depth of feeling, their level of trust in one another, their seriousness toward their family and the person they are dating, their sense of responsibility, and their love for one another. 
They foster interethnic mingling among family members, acquaintances, and larger social networks, which in turn leads in greater assimilation and acceptance. They are not simply indicative of assimilation and ethnic acceptance among individuals in the marriage. The social and cultural identities of the following generation, who would be of mixed or multiethnic ancestry, are similarly impacted by inter-ethnic marriage. Intermarriage is a measure of integration and a measure of multiculturalism's development in ethnically diverse communities.

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