Write letter to police inspector of your area regarding unhappiness about lack of women safety

Dear Student,
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  • I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the lack of safety for women in our area.
  • There is no safety for women who have to travel late in the evenings.
  • Most of them who come back after their work, have to fear the unsafe situations around them.
  • There are youngsters who loiter on the streets and try to make things difficult for women.

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Musab Usmani
394,Main Road,
Kashmiri Gate,
New Delhi.

The Police Inspector
New? Delhi.

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to express my feeling about women? safety.When we turn the pages of a newspaper, we come across many headlines reporting cases of sexual assault, molestation, sexual harassment, rapes, trafficking, ill treatment of women in houses, violence against women in remote areas etc.The crime comes amid heightened concerns about sexual violence in India. it seems that criminals are no longer afraid of the law. It is also evident that cities in India can no longer claim to be safe for the growing number of working women.. we must have remedial or curative measures such as fast track courts especially dedicated to deal only with these offences and crimes. These can be made responsible to clear the cases on day to day basis with fair trial as its core principle.The law should be strong enough so that no body could ever imagine of doing such things.It is time the government undertakes drastic measures to put an end to crime against women.

?I would like to quote here that a country which do not respect women can not become developed country. so i would like to request our Indian people please provide equal respect and security to women.

Yours truly,?
Musab Usmani
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