Write short note on improvement in crop variety.

Improvement in crop variety is done to get better varieties of crops with the desired qualities.One method to improve crop variety is hybridisation.Hybridisation is the crossing of two plants genetically dissimilar.It can be done between two species  (interspecific) ,between two plants of same genera (intergeneric) and between different varieties (intervarietal). Another method of improving crop variety is producing genetically modified crops. It is done by introducing a gene that would provide the desired characteristics .There are some desired qualities in crop are:

  • Higher yield
  • Disease resistant
  • Agronomic characteristics
  • Wider adaptibility
  • Change in maturity duration
  • Biotic and Abiotic resistance
  • Improved quality : like oil quality in oilseeds,baking  uality in wheat, preserving quality in fruits and vegetables and protein quality in pulses.

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