write short note on principle of treatment

Treatment refers to the process of curing a disease or infection to bring back the organism to his normal health. So, the basic principle behind treatment is to remove the abnormality or infection which cause the disease and make the organism healthy again. Different types of treatment are given for different types of diseases. Medicine, vaccines, surgeries are all part of the treatment of the person given to the persons suffering from various types of diseases. 

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The treatment of infectious diseases consists of 2 steps.They are to reduce the effect of the disease(symptoms) and to kill the microbes which caused the disease.

(i) To reduce the effect of the disease:This can be done by taking the medicines to bring down the effects of the disease like fever,pain or loose motions,etc.,and by taking bed rest to conserve our energy.

(ii) To kill the microbes:This can be done by taking suitable antibiotics and drugs which kills the microbes and the disease is cured.
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