write short summary tea from Assam in english

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tea from assam is a story of assam in which there were two friends  pranjol and rajvir at school in delhi. pranjol's father is the manager of tea garden in upper assam. one day pranjol invited his friend rajvir to visit assam in summer holidays. they go assam by train while going they were saw on station a tea seller and so much greenery. this was new for rajvir but pranjol have habbit of this. his father pick them from the station. while going on a road rajvir said that it is a tea country the largest tea producing country. the n he asked a question that what are the legends of this discoverd tea. pranjol father told that there were to legends one is of chinese king who used to drink boil water one day some laves of bushes fallen into it and add a taste into it so he named this as a tea and the other was of a buddha that one day he was meditating while meditating he felt asleep so he cut his eyalashes  than some bushes grown from it. he took out some leaves and add it to his water he also named it as tea 
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For a boy who was brought up in a city, visiting a tea plantation is an exciting experience.  Pranjol  , a youngster from Assam, is Rajvir classmate at school in DELHI Pranjol father is the manager of a tea   garden i upper Assam and Pranjol has invited Rajive  to visit him home during the summer vacation. the boy share  their  knowledge  about the origin of this rejuvenating drink as they travel by train
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