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Write the advantages and disadvantages of road transport?

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There are numerous advantages of road transport in comparison to other modes of transport.
1. Less capital quality:- Road transport required much less capital investment as compared to other modes of transport such as railways and air transport.
2. Door to door services: - The outstanding advantage of road transport is that it provides door to door or warehouse to warehouse services.
3. Services in rural areas:- Road transport is most suited for carrying goods and people to and from rural areas which are not served by rail, water or air transport. 
4. Flexible services:- Road transport has a great advantage over other modes of transport for its flexible services. Its routes and timings can be adjusted and changed to individual requirements without much inconvenience.
5. Suitable for short distance:- Delays in transit of gods on account of intermediate loading and handling are avoided. Goods can be loaded direct into a road vehicle and transported straight to their place of destination.
6. Lesser risk of damage in transmit: - Road transport is most suited for transporting delicate goods like chinaware and glassware, which are likely to be damaged in the process of loading and unloading.
7. Rapid speed:- If the goods are to be sent immediately are quickly, motor transport is more suited than the railways or water transport. Water transport is very slow.
8. Saving in packing cost: - As compared to other modes of transport, the process of packing in motor transport is less complicated. Goods transported by motor transport require less packing or no packing in several cases.
9. Private owned vehicles: - Another advantage of road transport is that big businessmen can afford to have their own motor vehicles and initiate their own road services to market their products without causing any delay.
10. Feeder to other modes of transport: - The movement of goods beings and ultimately ends by making use of roads. Road and motor transport act as a feeder to the other modes of transport such as railway, ships and airways.


In spite of various merits road/motor has some serious limitations:
1. Seasonal nature: - Motor transport is not as reliable as rail transport. During rainy or flood season, roads become unfit and unsafe for use.
2. Accidents and breakdown: - There are more chances of accidents and breakdown in case of motor transport. Thus, motor transport is not as safe as rail transport.
3. Unsuitable for long distance and bulky traffic: - This mode of transport is unsuitable and costly for transporting cheap and bulky gods over long distances.
4. Slow speed: - The speed of motor transport is comparatively slow and limited. 
5. Lack of organization: - The road transport is comparatively less organized. More often, it is irregular and undependable. The rates charged for transportation are also unsuitable and unequal.

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