write the names of any two vestigial organs found in man..

Examples of vestigial organs in humans usually include the appendix, the coccyx (tail bone), and the tonsils. Body hair, wisdom teeth, nipples on males, nictitating membrane of eye, tonsils are also the vestigial organs of humans.

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 Nictating membrane and appendix.

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 Vestigial organs are structures found in some organisms which serve no function. These organs might be functional in other species. Through evolution, species loose the function of vestigial organs. These organs are believed to have once been useful during a previous stage of evolutionary development are now in the process of being selected out by modification. In otherwords a changed habit or environment has rendered an organ redundant, and in disuse it has shrunk away until only a vestige remains. For example, Appendix is vestigial organ in human beings. It was used to digest plant stuffs. which early men chewed like grass.  During the course of evolution, this organ became nonfunctional and is now present as vestigial organ in our body.

The other vestigial organs present in human body are  tail bone, wisdom teeth and nictitating membrane.

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