You all are passionate to learn about medical science as I think. And Human brain has been one such topic about which very less information is accumulated and a lot of things are still hidden.

I wish to do something very big in my life, My aim is not just to become a doctor and earn lakhs or to live a luxurious life. The ambition of my life is to make everyone's life very easy till the extent that no one can think, I want to people to get out their difficulties but sometimes I myself get trapped in mind game by thinking and comparing people due to ranks and marks, If our Indian constitution give equality to every individual then why people rank one another one just blank sheets??? 

I am not a bad, also not very smart or awesome, but I know my duties what should we do if we give our powers to someone so much that he/she can make ourselves abnormal just due to his/her one single comment or activity?

Dear student, your intention of doing something for all humanity is noble. Go ahead and work towards achieving this aim.
Do not give too much importance to what others say or feel about you as long as you are sure your actions are right and correct. There is a saying: 'Bricks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me'. Remember this whenever someone says undue harsh words.

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Right broo..
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