you are 15 year old boy .you are fed up as your exams are around the corner. your parents aren't letting you go to any parties at the movement because of the exams . write a diary not exceed 150 words

This is given to test your writing and creative skill. We recommend you to write it on your own. However we are sharing a sample:

Dear diary,

Today I want to share my feelings with you again, as I usually do. Today I am too disturbed. As you already know that my exams are round the corner. It is starting from 25th June. I am really tensed about the exam. I am studding day and night to pass with flying colors and make my parents proud. However, my parents do not understand my pressure. They are attending many parties but they are not taking me with them. They are not even allowing me to go out in the playground for some refreshment. As there is no relaxing time for me I am getting jaded and more hassled. Things are not getting into my mind. I want some relaxation.
I am really becoming too fed up. In this ways my results will be pitiable. I don’t know what to do.

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