You are a press reporter. Recently the railways cancelled a few trains due to floods. Passengers were stranded at the New Delhi Railway station. Write a report in about (150­200) words. high lighting the problems faced by the passengers. answer

Trains Cancelled, Passengers Stranded 
Reporter, XY News
New Delhi, 11 February 2014
Many trains were delayed and a few were cancelled too because of the flood in the river near Delhi. The worst part was that the Railway authorities could not even inform the passengers at such a short notice. The passengers reached the station to board their respective trains and they were left stranded on the platforms only. There was so much of chaos which the authorities were not being able to handle. Children were crying, people were shouting and the situation was absolutely out of control. Soon the Station Master came and explained the entire problem to the passengers and told them to return and wait till the next word reach them. The grumbling passengers had no other option than to leave the place.

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