You are Agni Irani , the secretary of the karate club in your school. You club is holding an orientation -cum - demonstration programme to introduce karate to beginners. Write a notice to inform your fellow students about it .
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Vidyanjali academy for learning 1 march karate the cultural vlub of vidyanjali that is karate and the secretaryand the incharge teacher is me. If you are intrested give your names to me today morning. Agni i rani secretary cultural club
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Hamen notice chahie your Agni iron the secretary of The Karate club in your school your club is holding an organised come demonstrative programs to inductor karata to beginning write a notice to inform your fuel student about it please give me answer
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you are at the Rani secretary of the karate club in your school you or a school is holding an organisation kam demonstration program to enter dues karate do we can write a notice to inform you of elephants student about
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