You are ernest . write a diary entry desrcibing about youe eargerness to meet the man of prophecy.

Such questions are meant to assess your creativity and must be attempted on your own. The following points shall help you frame your diary entry.
Date,day. time

Dear diary

- My mother today told me about this wonderful myth surrounding the great stone wall.
- I wonder if there really is or will be a man who will resemble the face on the mountain?
- I am really eager to meet the man.
- Where will he come from? Will he be one of us?
- Will he be someone who does not even know about the great Stone wall but coincidentally looks like it?
- I look at this great stone wall day in and day out and I often imagine how would the man of prophecy speak? what will be the sound of his voice? 
- I wish I live to see the prophecy come true, I hope I am able to meet the man in my own lifetime.

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