you are mana / mansi. write a letter to the editor , giving your views about the unhealthy eating habits which led to obesity (120 - 160 words )

hints:Eating fast food - lack of exercise and activity

Defence Colony,
New Delhi-110022.
7 February, 20xx.
The Editor,
The Times of India,
New Delhi-110018.
Subject: Need to change unhealthy eating habits
I am a regular reader of your newspaper and wish to use the columns of your esteemed daily to bring to the notice of the public the urgent need to change their unhealthy eating habits.

The fast food culture has caught up in India leading to the children and youth opting for a burger, pizza or samosa over a healthy, home-made meal. It has become fashionable to eat out at restaurants and opt for fried, greasy, calorie-rich food that tastes good. People prefer packaged snacks, like chips and candies, between meals. The habit of eating junk food that is high in calories, salt and sugar and low in nutrients has led to many diseases becoming common. Diabetes, heart disease go hand in hand with obesity. Add to it the lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle and you have a dreadful combination that could harm your health. We need to opt for healthy food with lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Steaming and baking are good options over frying. Regular exercise helps to keep us fit.

I hope that the public  will take appropriate steps to change their unhealthy eating habits and adopt a healthy way of life.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

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