You are prishita saran of 47 model town new delhi. You have appeared for class X board examination. You want to improve your spoken english. You saw an advertisement about a course in spoken english. Write a letter of enquiry in 100-120 words to the director of the school of english language, 123 F, Pida Road, New Delhi.

Probably this can be your content apart from the format(address, date, salutation, etc.).....In response to your advertisement in the " The Hindu " dated January 15, 2018,I would like to state that I am keenly interested to join the spoken english course offered by your institution. I would, therefore request you to furnish me with the following information at your earliest convenience so that I can enroll my name.?
1) Duration of the course.?
2) Date of commencement of the course?
3) Fees of the course?
4) Time table of the classes Please make it as soon as possible
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i am saran of class 10 i am appearing for board exams by the time i want to improve my english. Yesterdy i saw your advertisment in newspaper i attracted by your advertisement i want to learn  english for joining this instiution because my english is very week after a month i am going to appering the board exam so i want to learn english as fast as possible you can make by the time please send me your further details for the timing ,transport system,fee and your time table                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        so please accept my request and kindly submit youer institution details in my email id as follow  thanku for you precious time                                                                           your sincerely   saran
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Please send me solutions of this questions

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First write what's there in pic and then thanking you Yours faithfully prashita

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It's perfect Answer

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