You are Rahul Bose, a student of VIC of Karuna Memorial School ,Khatima. You have lost a very expensive pen in the school playground during the morning assembly . Write a notice in about 50 words for your school notice board announcing the loss and requesting the finder to return the same to you. Offer a suitable reward . Put the notice in a box .

Dear student,

The following is a sample to such questions make sure that you write it in a box with the topic and name of the institute/school at the centre of it:

                                                                               Karuna Memorial School ,Khatima


                                                                                         A Missing Parker Pen!

This is to inform to all the fellow student of this school that, a pen has been lost in the playground during the morning assembly today. i.e. 8th june' 2019. It is a Parker Pen with an Emerald green body and has silver bands. If anyone finds it please return it to Rahul Bose in class VI 'C'.  The person who finds it and returns it is promised a suitable reward.

Rahul Bose
Class VI 'C'


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city new delhi , found !found!found ! Doaba public The expensive pen is lost in playground. i can found. it has sticker barbie on it. so anyone pen so call on mr verma office. name-avni sharma
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just write the notice in a box

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