You are Raj your best friend save a child from meeting an accident .Write a diary entry in 80 words

Wednesday,22 Feburary 2017

7:00 pm

​Dear Diary

Today my friend saved a child from a accident.We were playing cricket in  the playground and he hit the ball and it went in the bushes I went to catch it and My friend saw a child playing in his balcony.He was hanging from the railing.He turned upside down and was hanging from the railing and could fall anytime.His mother was not at home.My friend ran to save him.He saw a ladder near buy and picked it up.He laid the ladder against the wall and started climbing by that time a group of people had collected .He picked up the child and cam down.His mother came running she has shopping bags in her hand.My friend became the star.The child's mother even gave him a brand new cricket bat as a reward.He was very happy and I was proud to have a friend like him.
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22 February 2017
7:12 pm
dear diary
today my friend saved a child from meeting an accident. we were swimming in the pool. our coach was teaching us technics of swimming. suddenly a kid shouted for help.he was crying very much.the coach gave him safety tube but failed to reach him.suddenly my friend dived in the pool and saved the kid. I felt very proud to have such a brave and kind friend.our swimming coach appreciated him for his bravery. the kid's mother also thanked him very much.he didn't thought of his safety.nowdays no one helps any strange person and think of themselves only.
good night diary
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