You are Rohan. during a visit to mumbai you happened to visit the sets of a television reality shows featuring children .the long shooting hours make you wonder whether the childern were losing there precius childhood year.which should have been spent enjoining a care free life rather then satisfying the desire of over ambitious parent and contributing to the family incom e. write a letter to the editor of the times of india ,new delhi expressing our concern in not more then 150 words .


Here is a sample letter for your reference:


The Editor

“Delhi Daily”

Park Street,

New Delhi-20.

Date: 09th November'11


Subject: Negative aspects of children participating in reality shows

Our nation needs a wake up call for this letter is an appeal of the entire nation who are just taking a lot of time to realise the problem the next generation might face if they do not concentrate on studies and play at early age. Reality shows are not meant for children. On one hand when government is taking steps to help every individual to become literate, the parents are focussing more on sending them to showcase their talent. Why don't parents realise that this is not the right time to build the stage. Once a kid grows up as a successful person, ample opportunities would open up automatically. Children are getting fatigued in such trivial attempts. It is high time now, else our children and their generations to follow would suffer a lot.

Yours faithfully,

Amrita Hazra.

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plaese reply fast

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