you are Vishal and you live in add new Janta Nagar Lal kalal write a letter to your friend Tanuj congrats him or her Grand discuss in the valuation examination

Dear Student,

Please see the letter below.

New Janta Nagar,
Lal Kalal

Dear Tanuj,

Hope you are doing good. I heard that you have scored 96% in your Xth examination. You also ranked second in the entire district, and the same has been acknowledged by the Education Minister of your area. It is a great success my friend! You really deserved this as you had really worked hard for your exams. A big congratulations from my side buddy. You owe me a party, which we'll plan soon. Please send me a copy of the newspaper where this news has been published.
Take good care of yourself and pay my regards to your parents.

Your friend,

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