you fall asleep one night to dream of exploring the universe. Suddenly you hear a movement in your room followed by a flash of light.... Complete the story in 200-250 words with suitable title and moral

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- A strange looking space ship had landed inside my room.
- A green coloured alien with a bulbous head and big beady eyes got out of the spaceship.
- It approached me and I cringed with fear.
- It spoke in my language and assured me that it came in peace.
- It needed my help to find suitable fuel for the spaceship: wood and hay were the fuel!
- There was an abundance of that in our backyard as we were building a tree house and shed.
- As soon as he got what he needed, he handed me a magic red stone that could make me invisible and went on its way.
- The alien had given me the best tool to explore the world unseen by others....

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You can also write that aliens came& took you to exploring universe & you see different planets or yousaved the life of aliens
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