You have just been elected a prefect of the prefectorial board.Your principal announced your name in the assemly today.Write a diary entry describing your feelings when yopu heard your name in 150 words.

Monday, 9 June 20xx.

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, I got the wonderful news of having become a prefect of the discipline board in school.

I had filed my nomination for the post of prefect and hoped I would be elected by the students and teachers. I had presented my academic and co-curricular achievements during assembly and urged everybody to vote for me. I awaited the results anxiously. When my name was announced by the Principal for the post of prefect, I was overjoyed. I felt happy and proud, I silently vowed to help upkeep the discipline of the school. I was given a shiny new badge. I hope that I can live up to everybody's expectations.



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