Your mother has promised to buy you a new tablet computer if you achieve a good result. Explain your anticipation in a diary-entry while waiting for your result and thereby a tablet.

Wednesday, 17th July, 2013

5:00 PM

Dear Diary, 

I am very happy because my mother has promised me a tablet, if I do well in my exams. I would really like to have a tablet but I am also worried about my results. I have worked really hard. I hope I score well. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I cannot wait till my results are out so that I can get hold of the tablet and show it to all my friends.


  • -2

Saturday, Oct 12, 2012

10 P.M.

Dear Diary,

My mother has finally promised me a tablet on achieving good result. I can’t believe I will have my hands over that ravishing white beauty that I always dreamt of. God, please let the result be out quickly. I will not wait for a single moment after the result comes out to get my lovely tablet PC.



  • -3
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