Your school community offered a helping hand to a young man who was diagnosed with blood cancer. Write an E-mail in about 120 words to the editor of a national daily exhorting others to do the same. Use the following input :

Young Cherian: diagnosed with blood cancer Teacher and students came together for prayers Organisation of a food festival for funds Food festival a success.



 Date: 15 February, 20xx.

 Subject: Donation to help a blood cancer patient

 I am a regular reader of your national daily and wish to utilise its columns to request people to donate generously towards helping a blood cancer patient.

 I am a student of PQR Public School, New Delhi. Recently, a class X student of our school was diagnosed with advanced stage of blood cancer. the student, Cherian, belongs to a humble background and his family can not afford the expensive treatment. The school organised a food festival in which students and teachers put up stalls of fast food and all the proceeds were donated to Cherian's family for his treatment. A prayer meet was also organised for showing support to the family. It is my request to the public to donate generously to saving Cherian's life. the donations can be made by cheque to Cherian Trust, Chennai. All donations will be tax free.

  I hope that the public will find it in their heart to show sympathy and support to Cherian's family in this dark hour.

 Yours sincerely,

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