Your school is going to observe a cleanliness week . Write a notice for the information of the students , highlighting the various aspects . Sign yourself as Raghu baruarh , head boy .

Dear student,

                                                        XYZ SCHOOL


                                                CLEANLINESS WEEK

12 July, 20xx

The Eco-club is organising a Cleanliness Week from the 22 July to 29 July, 20xx. All the students are requested to participate and extend their whole hearted cooperation to make the week a success. As a part of the programme, a cleanliness drive has been organised. Students will be visiting the nearby parks and roads in order to clean them. Volunteers are requested to sign up in the Eco club room by 15 July.

Raghu Baruah

(Head Boy)

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NOTICE SCHOOL NAME DATE Motivating students for cleanliness It is hereby informed that all the students of this school who are interested in cleanliness can participate. The students can give their names to the respective incharge. The main motto of this program is to protect the environment. You all will be provided green clothes on this ocassion. No fee is there. Interested members can join Raghu baruarh school captain
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