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Dialogue Writing


A dialogue is a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people. While writing a dialogue, the situation, the characters and their points of view have to be taken into account. Command over vocabulary and grammar is necessary to frame a dialogue correctly.

Points to remember

1. A dialogue does not follow any set rule or format.

2. The idea expressed should be coherent. 

3. The language used should be conversational.

4. The conversation should be spontaneous, taking into consideration the ideal way in which the character would react and put across his thoughts.

Q. Ritesh and Sumesh are two childhood friends. They are sad as Sumesh’s family is shifting base to Bangalore. Write a dialogue between the two friends, showing their anguish.


Sumesh: Why are you angry with me? I am equally upset at not being able to stay back in Delhi with you.

Ritesh: I don’t understand why your parents are taking you along to Bangalore. I will be so lonely without you. You have been my best friend since childhood…

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