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It is given that:
Spring constant, k = 100 N/m,
Mass of the block, M = 1 kg
Force, F = 10 N

(a) In the equilibrium position,
    where x is the compression of the spring, and
               k is the spring constant.

 x=Fk=10100   =0.1 m=10 cm

(b) The blow imparts a speed of 2 ms-1 to the block, towards left.
      Potential energy of spring, U = 12kx2
      Kinetic energy, K = 12Mv2

(c) Time period T is given by,
      T = 2πMk
         =2π1100=π5 s

(d) Let A be the amplitude.
     Amplitude is the distance between the mean and the extreme position.
     At the extreme position, compression of the …

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