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Board Paper of Class 12-Commerce 2016 Maths Abroad(SET 2) - Solutions

General Instructions :
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Please check that this Question Paper contains 26 Questions.
(iii) Marks for each question are indicated against it.
(iv) Questions 1 to 6 in Section-A are Very Short Answer Type Questions carrying one mark each.
(v) Questions 7 to 19 in Section-B are Long Answer I Type Questions carrying 4 marks each.
(vi) Questions 20 to 26 in Section-C are Long Answer II Type Questions carrying 6 marks each.
(vii) Please write down the serial number of the Question before attempting it.
* Kindly update your browser if you are unable to view the equations.

  • Question 1
    If A=3579 is written as A = P + Q, where P is a symmetric matrix and Q is skew symmetric matrix, then write the matrix P. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 2
    If a, b, c are unit vectors such that a + b + c=0, then write the value of  a·b+b·c+c·a. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 3
    If a×b2+a·b2=400 and a=5, then write the value of b. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 4
    Write the equation of a plane which is at a distance of 53 units from origin and the normal to which is equally inclined to coordinate axes. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 5
    If 2 1 3 -10-1-11001110-1=A, then write the order of matrix A. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 6
    If xsin θcos θ-sin θ-x1cos θ1x=8, write the value of x. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 7
    Find the values of a and b, if the function f defined by fx=x2+3x+a,x1bx+2,x>1 is differentiable at x = 1. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 8
    Differentiate tan-11+x2-1x w.r.t. sin-12x1+x2, if x ∈ (–1, 1)


    If x = sin t and y = sin pt, prove that 1-x2d2ydx2-xdydx+p2y=0 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 9
    Find the angle of intersection of the curves y2=4ax and x2=4by. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 11
    Find : 2x+510-4x-3x2dx

    Find : x2+1x2+4x2+3x2-5dx VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 13
    Solve the following differential equation :

    y2dx+x2-xy+y2dy=0 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 14
    Solve the following differential equation:

    cot-1y+x dy=1+y2 dx VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 15
    If a×b=c×d and a×c=b×d, show that a-d  is parallel to b-c, where ad and  bc. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 16
    Prove that the line through A(0, –1, –1) and B(4, 5, 1) intersects the line through C(3, 9, 4) and D(–4, 4, 4). VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 17
    A box has 20 pens of which 2 are defective. Calculate the probability that out of 5 pens drawn one by one with replacement, at most 2 are defective.


    Let, X denote the number of colleges where you will apply after your results and P(X = x) denotes your probability of getting admission in x number of colleges. It is given that
    PX = x = kx,if x = 0 or 12 kx,if x = 2k5-x,if x = 3 or 40,if x > 4
    where k is a positive constant. Find the value of k. Also find the probability that you will get admission in (i) exactly one college (ii) at most 2 colleges (iii) at least 2 colleges. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 18
    Prove that :

    cot-11+sinx+1-sinx1+sinx-1-sinx=x2, 0<x<π2

    Solve for x :

    tan-1 x-2x-1+tan-1 x+2x+1=π4 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 19
    A coaching institute of English (subject) conducts classes in two batches I and II and fees for rich and poor children are different. In batch I, it has 20 poor and 5 rich children and total monthly collection is Rs 9,000, whereas in batch II, it has 5 poor and 25 rich children and total monthly collection is Rs 26,000. Using matrix method, find monthly fees paid by each child of two types. What values the coaching institute is inculcating in the society? VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 20
    Using integration find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=4-x2,  x2+y2-4x=0 and the x-axis. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 21
    Find the equation of the plane which contains the line of intersection of the planes x+2y+3z-4=0 and 2x+y-z+5=0 and whose x-intercept is twice its z-intercept. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 22
    Bag A contains 3 red and 5 black balls, while bag B contains 4 red and 4 black balls. Two balls are transferred at random from bag A to bag B and then a ball is drawn from bag B at random. If the ball drawn from bag B is found to be red find the probability that two red balls were transferred from A to B. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 23
    In order to supplement daily diet, a person wishes to take X and Y tablets. The contents (in milligrams per tablet) of iron, calcium and vitamins in X and Y are given as below :
    Tablets Iron Calcium Vitamin
    X 6 3 2
    Y 2 3 4

    The person needs to supplement at least 18 milligrams of iron, 21 milligrams of calcium and 16 milligrams of vitamins. The price of each tablet of X and Y is Rs 2 and Rs 1 respectively. How many tablets of each type should the person take in order to satisfy the above requirement at the minimum cost? Make an LPP and solve graphically. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 24
    If f, g : R → R be two functions defined as f(x) = |x| + x and g(x) = |x| –x,xR. Then find fog and gof. Hence find fog(–3), fog(5) and gof (–2). VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 25
    If a, b and c are all non-zero and 1+a1111+b1111+c=0, then prove that 1a+1b+1c+1=0

    If A=cosα-sinα0sinαcosα0001, find adj·A and verify that A(adj·A) = (adj·A)A = |A| I3. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 26
    The sum of the surface areas of a cuboid with sides x, 2x and x3 and a sphere is given to be constant. Prove that the sum of their volumes is minimum, if x is equal to three times the radius of sphere. Also find the minimum value of  the sum of their volumes.


    Find the equation of tangents to the curve y = cos(x + y), –2π ≤ x ≤ 2π that are parallel to the line x + 2y = 0. VIEW SOLUTION
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