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Microbes in Human Welfare

Microbes - Household and Industrial applications

Household Applications

  • Lactic acid bacteria (LAB)

    • Milk Curd

    • LAB produces acids that coagulate and partially digest milk proteins.

    • Small amount of curd that is added to the milk for curdling acts as an inoculum containing thousands of LABS, which further multiply.

    • LAB enhances the nutritional value of milk by increasing Vitamin B12.

    • LAB present in stomach prevents infections.

  • Fermentation
    • ​Dosa and idli dough is fermented by bacteria, which produces CO2 gas and gives it a puffed-up appearance.
    • ​Dough used for making breads is fermented by baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
    • ​‘Toddy’, a traditional drink from South India is made by fermenting sap from palm trees.
    • The xanthan gum, which is used in thickening of ice creams, puddings, chocolates etc. is obtained by fermentation of starch and molasses. The fermentation is carried out …

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