Formative Assessment

  • Well-designed to identify conceptual gaps and weak links
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Customized study plans to improve weak areas

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Formative Assessment for Important chapters :

A computer-based adaptive assessment system, which has been designed to bring forth the learning gaps and improve them with a customized study plan. This assessment can act as a mirror for students’ performance and can help them in identifying their weak areas. In Formative Assessment students are assessors of their own learning and can undertake this test themselves.

How will Formative Assessment help you study better?

  • Assesses the depth of your learning and understanding
  • Provides feedback on the current level of knowledge and basis for further learning
  • Identifies weak links in your understanding through questions topics from the current and previous classes
  • Strengthens your weak areas through a customized study plan
  • Addresses the root cause of the conceptual problems and suggests the course of action
  • Concepts are explained in simple language for quick understanding
  • Students get exposed to HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions that test their ability to apply textbook knowledge to real-life situations
  • Locates your weak areas with the help of detailed performance reports
  • Available 24X7 around the year

Study material recommended in the study plan is enriched with illustrations, videos and animations to facilitate thorough understanding. Moreover, Formative Assessment will help students to get an insight of their learning patterns.