Interactive Activities

  • Concept-based activities for every chapter
  • Active-involvement of the learner
  • Breaks monotony in-between studies
  • Variety of interactive games

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Interactive Activities for Important chapters :

Engaging, chapter-wise activities and high quality animations boost the ability to learn and help in breaking the monotony in studying. These activities strengthen the concepts and provide opportunities for further learning. Moreover, it helps in developing critical skills of thinking and analysis.

How will Interactive Activities help you study better?

  • Promotes involvement and nurtures problem solving acumen
  • Develops logical reasoning and decision making skills
  • Helps you evaluate your learning and learn from mistakes
  • The activities are based on concepts covered in the respective chapters
  • Interactive activities will keep you engaged and help you learn faster
  • Variety of games ensure that even 'boring' topics become fun to learn
  • Dispels the pressure and boredom of continuous studies
  • Improves focus and helps getting rid off distractions

The interactive activities in innovative formats are not only engaging, but also help in assessing understanding of topics. It introduces the element of fun in learning and enhances the power of retention.