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Board Paper of Class 10 2018 Science - Solutions

i. Draw well-labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
ii. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question 1
    (A) (a) Rewrite the following statements with suitable words in the blanks:
    (i) There are ___________ pairs of chromosomes in humans being.
    (ii) ____________ is a functional group of alcohol.
      (b) State whether the following statements are true or false:  
    (i) There are two sets of chromosomes in zygote.
    (ii) All animals and fungi autotrophs.
      (c) Find the odd one out
    Amoeba, Euglena, Planaria, Paramoecium
    (B)   Rewrite the following statements by choosing the correct alternatives: [5]
      (1) Acetic acid ____________.
    (a) is insoluble in water
    (b) turns blue litmus red
    (c) is pale yellow in colour
    (d) none of the above
      (2)  ____________ type of reproduction occurs in Hydra.
    (a) Binary fission
    (b) Multiple fission
    (c) Budding
    (d) Fragmentation
             (3) Solution of aluminium sulphate in water is___________
    (a) Green
    (b) Colourless
    (c) Pink
    (d) Blue
      (4) Reaction of iron nail with copper sulphate solution is ____________ reaction.
    (a) Combination
    (b) Displacement
    (c) Double displacement
    (d) Decomposition
      (5) The loss of water in the form of water vapour through stomata on leaves is known as ____________.
    (a) Distillation
    (b) Diffusion
    (c) Osmosis
    (d) Transpiration

  • Question 2
    Answer the following questions (any five) :  [10]
    (1) Name four plant hormones.
    (2) Why are metals used for making cooking vessels?
    (3) Suggest control measures of noise pollution.
    (4) What are alloys? Give two examples.
    (5) Classify the following as voluntary actions and involuntary actions: Sneezing, throwing ball, heart beats, writing.
    (6) Name any four life processes in living things.

  • Question 3
    Answer the following questions (any five) : [15]
    (1) Population explosion is the root cause for depletion of natural resources. Explain.
    (2) Human tail bone is a vestigial organ. Explain.
    (3) What is anodising? Give its applications.
    (4) Write the changes that occur in the age group 11 to 21 years in boys.
    (5) Name different types of neurons and give one function of each.
    (6) How is sex determined in the human beings?

  • Question 4
    Answer any one of the following questions  [5]
    (1) What are covalent compounds? Write any three features and give two examples.
    (2) Draw well labelled diagram of human excretory system. Write the functions of:
    (a) Kidney
    (b) Ureter
    (c) Urinary bladder
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