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Board Paper of Class 12-Commerce 2014 Business Studies (SET 1) - Solutions

General Instructions:
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the questions.
(iii) Figures to the left indicate question numbers.
(iv) Write answer of every new question on a new page.

  • Question 1
    Q1. (A) Select the proper option from the options given below  and rewrite the sentences: [5 Marks]
    1. The maximum number of member is a private company are ___________
    a. 50
    b. 40
    c. 20

    2. The Principle of indemnity is not applicable to ____________
    a. life insurance
    b. marine insurance
    c. fire insurance.

    3. For online transaction __________ is required.
    a. trading
    b. registration
    c. business

    4. To maintain industrial peace is the responsibility of business organisation towards ___________
    a. customers
    b. employees
    c. society

    5. F.W. Taylor is called the father of _____________ management.
    a. modern
    b. scientific
    c. technical.

  • Question 2

    Q.1 (B) Match the correct pairs:                                                                                         [5 Marks]

    Group 'A' Group 'B'
    a. Common seal (4) 1. Related with human factors
    b. Bonded Warehouses (7) 2. Located at railway station
    c. B to C (6) 3. Business to Business
    d. Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (10) 4. Joint Stock Company
    e. Staffing (1) 5. Political organisation
      6. Business to consumer
      7. Located within the ports
      8. Partnership firm
      9. Related with financial factor
      10. Non – Government Organisation working for consumers.

  • Question 3
    Q1. (C) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each one of the following statements:                                                                                [5 Marks]
    1. ‘One man shoe’ type of business organization.

    2. A set of Principles of right conduct.

    3. A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles claims up to rupees twenty lakhs (Rs. 20,00,000)

    4. The principle of management which says ‘unity is strength’.

    5. A process where managers instruct, guide, and communicate with employees.

  • Question 4
    Q.2 Distinguish between the following (Any Three)                              [15 Marks]
    1. Private company and Public Company

    2. Water transport and Air transport.

    3. District forum and National commission.

    4. Organising and Staffing.

    5. Joint Hindu Family Firm and Sole Trading Concern.  

  • Question 5
    Q.3 Write short notes on Any Three of the following :                              [15 Marks]

    1. Disadvantage of e – business.

    2. Social responsibility of business organisations towards consumers.

    3. Techniques of scientific management.

    4. Importance of coordination.

    5. Functions of an entrepreneur.

  • Question 6
    Q.4 State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False. (Any Three)                                                       [15 Marks]

    1. Planning has vital importance in the management process.

    2. Business ethics is not applicable to all business organisations.

    3. A Joint Stock Company can raise huge capital.

    4. The principle of indemnity is applicable to life insurance.

    5. Consumer Protection Act is a blessing for the consumers.

  • Question 7
    Q.5 Attempt the following. (Any two)                              [10 Marks]
    1. State the types of cooperative societies.

    2. State the steps involved in online transactions.

    3. State the ways and means of consumer protection.

    4. State the importance of principles of management.

  • Question 8
    Q.6 Define a Sole Trading Concern. Explain its merits and demerits.                      [10 Marks]
    Define Bank. Explain different types of banks.
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