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Interest Test

The term 'Interest' refers to your likes and dislikes. Your interests are shaped over time and are influenced by your experiences. Wider your exposure to things around you, the wider is the scope of your interests. Interests keep changing. So, while your interest pattern may incline you towards a particular field of study or discipline now, you may become less interested in the said field after a couple of months, and something else may come to hold centre-stage in your 'interest space'. This is natural and should be expected.

The Interest Test here on helps you to identify your high interest areas from across 14 different areas and also points towards some of the fields of study/careers that you might enjoy, based solely on your interests.

Working with Numbers
Health and Science
Music & Arts
Writing and Mass Communication
Helping Others
Engineering and Construction
Nature and Outdoor
Working with Computers
Office and Project Management
Business, Sales and Marketing
Law and Politics
Teaching and Training
Protective Services
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