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Vedic Math

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Study Material for CBSE Class VI

Vedic Mathematics is based on mental calculations and contains 16 sutras. Calculation through this system is 10-15 times faster than conventional ways (general mathematics). Therefore, the tricks of vedic maths are widely used by students preparing for competitive exams.

The Vedic Maths section at Meritnation brings you this wonderful ancient Indian mathematical system that includes innovative methods in arithmetical computations, algebraic operations, shortcuts & lots more to make your work easier. This is an absolutely unconventional yet simple method of mental maths.

How will Vedic Math help me study better?

  • Saves time and encourages mental maths
  • Improves analytical skills and sharpens memory through shortcuts and tricks
  • Encourages multi-dimensional thinking
  • Helps in avoiding chances of making 'silly mistakes' by reducing steps in calculation
  • Utilizes both left-brain (logic) and right-brain (creativity)
  • Generates interest in numbers and gives lot of flexibility to students