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character sketch of Harris and George in three men in a boat ??

Asked by Geetika(student) , on 5/5/14

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. The character sketches of Jerome, Harris and George have already been uploaded on the website. Kindly go to Three Men In a Boat and then, click on Character Sketches. Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted by Uma Shankar(MeritNation Expert)on 6/5/14

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pta hota toh tumse kyun kehta..........

Posted by Sst(teacher)on 30/6/12

 character sketch of Harris and George in three men in a boat ??

Posted by Swapna(parent)on 1/7/12

 Harris is a lazy man who loves to shed off extra work. He is always ready to have  adrink and does not care about anything. George on the other hand is active and is always ready to help.

Explain yourself now!

Posted by Manya Srivastav...(student)on 4/8/12

harris and george k bare me btao na guys...!!!!

Posted by Prachi Kothari(student)on 19/8/12


Posted by Rajat(student)on 21/8/12

harris is not exiting at all 7have no wishes to achieve something & never cries

tell me about geoge

Posted by Prakriti(student)on 22/8/12

haris pretends to be a responsible man but actually he is handicapped in handling his duties.

he always puts the burden on other.........

Posted by Anjali(student)on 14/9/12


 can anyone give me a breif character sketch of the characters in three men in a boat????

Posted by Sakshi Kachhoti...(parent)on 15/9/12


Jim (author) consider himself a hero and Harris and George are side heroes in his side.Jim feels that he is more sophisticated than other 2 friends.He let no chance slip to decry the dressing sense of Harris and George. Jim is philosophic.

Harris too rants and this is only a safety valve for him to release his emotions.He never tries to harm his friends with his remarks.He is boastful.He is a fussy man and do little work.

George is sensible and pratical through he hates work.George is boastful and philosophic.

Hope it helps..................

Posted by Nikhila M Santh...(student)on 15/9/12


 please tell me something about the story three men in a boat

Posted by Jayashre Sadasi...(student)on 18/9/12


Character sketch of Harris -

Harris is a vain fellow who pretends to be extremely hard working but usually pushes off the burden on other people. he is outspoken and does not hesitate to tell his friends what he thinks about them even if it may not be pleasant. for example he outwardly tells george that his new blazer is utterly revolting and that he must not wear it around them (harris and j). when harris takes on a job he makes a huge fuss out of it like the narator;s uncle podger. it may not be anything majorly important but if harris is going to do it .... the world would know about it. he also thinks very highly of himself and his voice though his friends do not want him to even attempt singing. he is extremely fascinated by tombs and graveyards much to j 's dislike. he is also quite short tempered and it is best to let him rant off his anger rather than try and talk to him about it.he wouldn 't mind a drink at any time of the day and enjoys the company of his friends .

Posted by Kshitiz Singh(student)on 26/9/12


 Harris as a man of no emotion.He is not in the habit of crying. He also does not know why it is so . He is also a jolly man .He 's always after some sort of drink in the offering .He is the one who gives solutions .Harris always  knows about a place round the corner where you can get something brilliant in the drinking line. Harris is a easy going person who cares little about other things

Posted by Bani(student)on 27/9/12


 he is a losser.i hate reading

Posted by Grace Susan(student)on 3/10/12


1st be a DIRECTIONER then i 'll say

Posted by Iral Noronha(student)on 21/10/12