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English  class XI -

From the chapter "We 're not afraid to die if can all be together" -

What were the steps taken by the crew-men to save the ship at the time of disaster? were they succesful?

Asked by Nikhil Chaudhar...(student), on 11/7/11


describe the mental condition of the family when the ship was sinking

Posted by srishtirastogi....(student), on 7/8/11

Their children were sacred due to this condition.
They gave support to their parents!!!

Posted by Ankita Salunke(student), on 9/8/11

 The author took the following steps to protect the ship when the rough weather began:


  • He grabbed the rails and sailed through the air into the ship’s main boom.

  • He found the wheel, lined up the stern for the next wave and hung on.

  • He managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes.

  • He connected an electric pump to an out-pipe.

Posted by Niharika Reddy(student), on 1/7/12
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