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explain the role of profit in business

Asked by farhana786(student), on 19/7/09


profit in business means left over money after paying for investment!!!!...........in other words profit in business means lots of money in hand and masti in lyf..... i hope itz clear now!

Posted by Vishal Singh(student), on 26/7/09

Answer is wired vishjustrox,...........!!!!!

Posted by shylaaggarwal.....(student), on 23/4/11

Hey Hiii.. The role of profit in business is that it enchances the owners capital and helps to invest on other works. By earning profit owner can be able to give salaries and pay debts. In other words we can say that Profit is very essential for the survival and growth of any business.

Posted by Ahmad Imran(student), on 29/6/11

hai,business is run with the prime objectives of earnin profit . profit is known as the econemic barometer of buine.profit a an important role in buines.role of profit in business can be as follows:  (i)Means of luivelihood for business men.   (ii)Reward for risk taking.   (iii)Survival of business.                                                                                                                                                                           (iv)Growth and development.    (v)Goodwill           (vi)Better employee remuneration  

Posted by Sruthi Mallu(student), on 24/7/11

simple business is done for profit motive means if we start business it must that we have money in our hands ....or capital

Posted by amrita...(student), on 5/8/11

what is the role of profit in business?

Posted by Etim Emmanuel(student), on 16/2/12

what is the role profits to the expansion of afirm ?

Posted by Larson Josh(student), on 22/10/12
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