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how could the damage in japan 2011 tsunami be minimized ?

Asked by Ashutosh Singh(student), on 30/7/11


 1)Healthy coral reefs can help reduce the impact of tsunami waves relative to unhealthy or dead reefs.Researches support anecdotal evidence that suggested the tsunami-buffering capabilities of coral reefs.

2) Buildings can be made of materials that are more flexible than traditional materials. They also build them on pads, that work sort of like teflon, so buildings sort of slide a bit. They can put more thought into a design that allows for twisting motions.

3)Many lives have been saved when residents of coastal communities were aware that earthquake shaking was a signal to evacuate to high ground.So informing the people does a lot of good.

4)Field surveys of recent tsunamis and geological investigations of ancient waves will also help scientists and hazards planners to design structures and plan communities so that casualties and damage can be reduced.

5)Involving communities in earthquake and tsunami preparedness programs helps.

6)Mangrove forests minimize the efficiency of tsunami attacks.So steps must be taken to plant mangrove trees along the coastal regions.

7)Scientists cannot yet predict the day or even the year when an earthquake(usually tsunami follows an earthquake) will strike. 
Sometimes there are warning signs, sometimes none at all.
Scientists give long term predictions. They may state that an area has a 60% chance of having a magnitude 7 or higher earthquake in the next 25 years.If proper predictions are expressed it would be more helpful for people to save their lives and properties.

8)Student groups and several other organisations can educate the ignorant people about how to act during natural disasters like tsunami.

Posted by Mayank Jain(student), on 18/5/13
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