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is it right to kill animals to save human life

Asked by Meghana(student), on 20/11/10


no we have to save them


Posted by Aditya Nath Jha(student), on 20/11/10

 no living things have alife example humans and animals every life is important to us as a part of humanity so we have to save them

Posted by sai999sss...(student), on 20/11/10

no, it is not at all correct to kill animals to save human life.ANIMAL LIFE IS AS PRECIOUS AS A HUMAN LIFE..... ALOK RANJAN

Posted by Dreamrules(student), on 20/11/10

if you feel my answer is right please thumps up.........

Posted by Aditya Nath Jha(student), on 29/11/10


we have to protect the rarer species .... that of animals . they maintain eccosystem of environment

Posted by gary235(student), on 23/12/10


Posted by nanditadas...(student), on 20/3/11

 God created so many human beings,animaland plants and all live in their own way. they all have their family and they didn,want to wash their hand fromtheir life. and all of them have right to live. so why should we snatch their life to save human being and thats all my opinion about your question..........

hope it help you cheeers

Posted by Vaishnavi Singh(student), on 1/11/11


Posted by Swathi Suresh(student), on 4/11/11

 This is a question each person must answer for him/herself. The vast majority of people would agree that if, for example, a tiger attacks a human child, the tiger should be killed to save the life of the child. I think that it actually depends on the situation, if killing the animal can reduce it’s pain, then it is morally right to kill the animal. If saving the animal costs a lot and the rate of success of saving it is low, and which the money can be used to save another life, it is also morally right. If killing the animal can save more than the numbers killed (e.g. the animal has a disease that can spread to other animals), then I think that it morally right. I also think that it depends on how the animal is killed, for example, if killing the animal is to decrease it’s pain, killing it in a painful way is actually making the animal’s situation worse.

I think it also depends, if sacrificing the animal can save more than one humans, I think that it is morally right, because I believe that if the total number of lives killed is less than the total number of lives saved, then it is morally right to sacrifice, for example if a medicine have been created and tested but killed 36 animals in a laboratory, but the medicine cured hundreds of humans, I think that it is fair to sacrifice the lives of the 36 animals in this case. But if 36 animals are killed just to prove someone or something wrong, it is morally wrong to kill the animals, for example, a company is sued for selling drugs that are actually harmful for the human body, it is morally wrong to test the drugs on animals and other beings as 1. It is not a fair test as the structure of animal and human body is different, 2.alternatives can be used e.g., checking the substance and material the drug is made from.
Overall, I believe that sacrificing lives to save other lives is only morally right in some scenarios, and is morally wrong in some cases.

Hope it helps.....

Thumbs up please........


Posted by Sruthi R(student), on 27/1/12
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