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paragraph on coping with loss

Asked by drajan30... , on 4/7/11

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Life is full of joys and sorrows.It is full of unusual happenings.Sometimes it become eventful.At the time of great loss in our lives , we become helpless.We become numb spirit.There remains no hope for positivity. We remains scared of taking up challengers .Loss makes us unable to take further step in the direction of positive attitude.The only solution for all this situation is to accept them boldly.We must not run away from them but to face them with determination.Accepting the happenings and its result is the only way to cope with loss.Sometimes we need the help of any special person in this difficult situations.One who can motivate us and can lift our numb spirit.Coping with loss is an effective way to admit what has happened.Without regretting it,we must assure that it doesn't occur in future also.We must try to enhance our endurance for coping with loss.

Posted by Swati Golaon 8/7/15

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