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Asked by Malvika Rao(student) , on 25/12/12

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Sextet of electrons means a set of 6 electrons in the outershell of a bonded  element.For example in AlCl3 and BF3, the central atom contains a sextet of electrons.


Posted by Anuradha Puri(MeritNation Expert)on 26/12/12

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More Answers

 sonali vat is this can u explain ur question properly ??

Posted by Rajnish "d Best...(student)on 17/2/10

 There is no such thing as a sextet of electrons. Sextet refers to a set of six. We only have duplet of electrons (Helium 's configuration) and otherwise the only mentioned set is an octet, for eight electrons. There is no sextet configuration assigned for electrons.

Posted by Suresh Anand(student)on 18/2/10

sorry for intrpretting you.in boron atoms sextet can exist due to the three electrones in valense shell.eg,.BCl3

Posted by Krishna J(student)on 18/2/10

 Electron sextet means six electrons in their valence shell of an atom.:)

Posted by Sai Subhakar(student)on 12/8/12

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