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why is is more difficult to catch a cricket ball than to catch a tennis ball moving with the same velocity
Asked by Maria Shaikh(student) , on 3/10/12

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The cricket ball being heaviest has much larger momentum and also it exerts a much larger force on the hands during catching,in comparison to the force exerted by tennis ball

Posted by Bansal(student)on 3/10/12

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More Answers

 the cricket ball is heavier than tennis ball ... there will be more change in momentum when one will try to stop it whereas the change in momentum for stopping tennis ball will be less and hence more force will be exerted by the cricket ball on the hands of catcher  ... thus , it is more difficult to catch a cricket ball than a tennis ball moving with same velocity ....

hope it helpd u 

Posted by Shri Agiwal(student)on 3/10/12

A cricket ball has greater momentum than a tennis ball due to its larger mass. Therefore it exerts a larger force on our hand when we catch it and thus hurts us more than a tennis ball. This is the reason why it is more difficult to catch a cricket ball than a tennis ball even if both have same velocity.

Posted by Ranjan Purbey(student)on 4/10/12

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