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1) Political stability leads to overall prosperity . Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your argument. ( Culture and science in ancient period)

2) Do you think that we can rely completely on the accounts of foreign travellers to reconstruct the history of a period? (Culture and science in ancient period)

3) Do you think a prashasti would give accurate information about the ruler? why or why not?(Gupta and post gupta period)

4) Why did Samudragupta decide not to annex the kingdoms of `Dakshinapatha' ?

5) What are the fears associated with an administrative post becoming hereditary? (Gupta and post gupta period)

6) Why were sangams orginzed ? ( Post-mauryan period)

7) The post-mauryan period saw the rule of the Indo-Greeks, Shakas, pahlavas, and kushanas in north India. What does it tell you about the political condition of north India? ( Post-mauryan period)

8) Why is India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh called the Indian Subcontinent? ( India- physical features)

9)Why is the Ganga- Brahmputra plain the most fertile region of India?( India- physical features)

10) Why is Rajasthan plain an area of inland drainage?( India- physical features)

11) Why are rivers of peninsular plateaus non-perennial? ( India- physical features)

12) Why do some parts of India experience floods and droughts at the same time? ( India- climatic condition)

13) Why do the coastal area of tamilnadu get rain fall during the winter season?( India- climatic condition)

14) Why dothe coastal area enjoy the equable climate?( India- climatic condition)

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