1. Saheb and Mukesh are representatives of the underprivileged and impoverished section of the society. The society has its role of credit for their condition. How as a concerned student of the society you can perform your duty to educate them? Discuss.
2. Childhood is the spring time of one‟s life but Saheb and Mukesh are the victims of the evil of child labour. You feel pained to see children working at factories, dhabas and tea stalls. Empathising with them give concrete suggestions to deal with the problem.
3. In search of decent living conditions and better means of survival people are migrating to metropolitan cities. That is not a journey to heaven. In this rat race they are losing their identity. One should not lose one‟s identity in search of gold. Comment.
4. Saheb-e-Alam, a destitute, watches a game of tennis from a distance. He longs to be one of the players. Shakespeare says,” Sweet are the uses of adversity”. Can one use his dreams to lead to brighter life in future? Elucidate.
5. Slums & Mukesh‟s lodgings pose a threat to healthy life. Do you think that better living conditions will give a positive viewpoint to them towards life. Write an article on Health is Wealth.
6. But promises like mine abound ….. in their bleak world”. Saheb and others like him spend their life on unfulfilled promises. What role should the youth play to improve their conditions through programmes like „Each one Teach one‟ . Give your views in 100 words.
7. Cottage industry is being exploited by the middlemen and sahukars. The workers are afraid of organizing themselves into co-operatives. The main reason is that they are not aware and daring. Write an article on Awareness may open new avenues for the poor.
8. Being illiterates Saheb and Mukesh are unaware of their rights and are exploited by „the vicious circle‟. Can education be an answer to this? Comment.
9. “Can a God given lineage ever be broken” says Mukesh‟s grandmother. Do you think that one should choose his profession by choice and not by chance (of being born in a particular caste) Discuss. 10. “And daring is not a part of his growing up. When I sense a flash of it in Mukesh. I am cheered….” Daring and fearlessness is the only way which can bring about a radical change in life. Do you agree with the statement? Comment.
11. Migration has resulted in overpopulation in the big cities hence increasing the burden on limited resources. Conservation of resources is the duty of everyone. Comment that sustainable development is our moral duty.
12. Apathy and lack of concern have added fuel to the miseries of Saheb and Mukesh. The bureaucrats and politicians are unconcerned to their miseries. Do you feel that concern and compassion can drastically change the condition of the deprived. 

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