​ 500g of water and 100g of ice at 0C are taken in a calorimeter who water equivalent is 40g. 10g of steam is at 100C is added to it. Then water in the calorimeter is: Latent heat of ice is 80cal/g and Latent heat of steam is 540cal/g

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Here, the energy released by the condensation of vapour is not sufficient to melt the whole ice. So, the amount of energy released by the water vapour, when it condensed and comes to 00C is,

E=mvapourLvapour+mvapourSvapour×100E=10×540+10×1×100E=6400 cal

So, let m mass of the ice is m'. Therefore,

m'Lice=6400 m'=640080m'=80 gm
Therefore, the total amount of water in the capillary tube is,

m0=500+80+10 m0=590 gm


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