A ball of mass 0/2 jg is allowed to fall from a height of 5n and after hitting thr floor bounces back to a height of 4m determine the impulse the ball is subjected to if the time of impact is 0.1 sec estimate the force experienced by the ball

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The question is not clear enough as mass is not clearly defined. I assume it to be 0.2 kg.
The ball is dropped from a height 5 m so its velocity before it hit the floor is given by
v2=0+2×10×5v=10 m/sso its momentum will be p1=-mv=-0.2×10=-2 kg·m/s-ive sign is because the velocity of ball is downward.after it hit the floor and bounces back to the height 4m so the velocity of ball just after it hit the floor is given by0=v2-2×10×4v=45 m/s =8.94 m/sand so momentum is p2=0.2×8.94=1.78 kg·m/sso change in momentum is p2-p1=1.78--2=3.78 kgm/sbut impulse is given by I=F·t=p2-p1F=3.780.1=37.8 N

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