A body of mass 4 kg is placed on a smooth inclined plane of inclination 60 degree.The horizontal force to be applied to make the body move up the plane with an acceleration 2m/s2

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The force required to move the block upwards with acceleration 2m/s2 will be against the force of gravity. As the surface is inclined so the component of the gravity in downward direction will be gsinθ
So F= m(gsinθ -a)         =4(9.8×0.86 -2)         = 4×6.4          =25.6N
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Can u please tell what to find??
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What to find yaar
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horizontal force
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Fcos60 - mgsin60 = ma
F ? 1/2 - 4?10??3/2 = 4?2
F = 16 + 40?3 N
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